“I use Estelite Sigma Quick and Estelite Omega everyday in my practice. For the more cosmetic anterior cases I use Estelite Omega combined with Estelite color to create beautiful polychromatic restorations. For all the other restorations I use Estelite sigma quick. Both composite systems have excellent handing properties, are very durable, and polish like a microfill!”

– Dr. Jim Peyton

“When working with Estelite Omega, you can truly feel how smooth and creamy the composite is. The fact that there’s very little slumping when handling the material is another huge benefit. Another aspect of this composite system that I like is that their composites truly have a chameleon effect. The composite has a magical ability of becoming invisible and blends in perfectly with the surrounding natural tooth structure. I like the K.I.S.S. principle. Estelite Omega keeps it simple by not having a more than 25 shade choices. You essentially have your enamel, dentin and then your enamel effects composites. Having a system with less than a handful of composites helps me keep my inventory costs under more control. I’ve used previous systems where there were really only a handful of those shades I was using anyway, come to discover as I’m doing an anterior composite case on a patient in the chair that we didn’t have any more of the A2 Body carpules left but had a boatload of D4 Body carpules (that coincidentally are about to expire in a month).”

– DR. Stanly Siu

“Estelite Omega is an amazing composite. It’s smoothness, polishability, and resistance to ambient light are outstanding. Esthetically, it’s simple to hide margins, and it’s “milky white” shade is one of my favorite final layers of any material. It’s truly amazing that so few shades can match any color on any tooth!”

– Dr. Peter Auster

“The handling of the Estelite Omega composite is smooth yet easy to manipulate. The enamel shades offer the right amount of translucency and value.”

– Dr. Amanda Seay