Tints and Opaquers

Estelite Color is the product being often used in conjunction with Estelite Omega
to add character to restorations, and to make restorations look even more natural to the finest details.

Estelite Color comes in 9 tints and 4 opaquers



*Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, the composite shades you see may not accurately portray the actual products.

Product Offerings

  • 10901 Estelite Color Kit
    • Composite Keeper Set (1 cover, 5 dishes)
    • 13 Syringes (0.9g each):
      • 10911 Clear (0.9g)
      • 10912 White (0.9g)
      • 10913 Blue (0.9g)
      • 10914 Yellow (0.9g)
      • 10915 Gray (0.9g)
      • 10916 Ochre (0.9g)
      • 10917 Dark Brown (0.9g)
      • 10918 Red (0.9g)
      • 10919 Lavender (0.9g)
      • 10920 Pink Opaque (0.9g)
      • 10921 High Chroma Opaque (0.9g)
      • 10922 Med Chroma Opaque (0.9g)
      • 10923 Low Chroma Opaque (0.9g)

Available as a kit or individually.

Incisal Edge:
Blue (youthful look)
Gray (mature look)
Lavender (elderly look)

Fossae Areas:
Ochre (increased saturation)

Pits and Fissures:
Dark Brown (increased saturation)

Color Adjustment:
Yellow, Ochre, Red (mixed in varying proportions)

Chroma Adjustment:
Clear (mixed with another shade)

Calcification/ White Spots:

Increased Saturation:
Ochre (fosse areas)
Dark Brown (pits and fissures;
stained craze lines)

Neutralizing Grayness:
Pink Opaque mixed with LCO, MCO, or HCO in
varying proportions to achieve the correct hue,
value, and chroma as needed

A1, B1, C1, & Bleached Teeth:
Low Chroma Opaquer (LCO)

A2, B2, D2, & C2:
Medium Chroma Opaquer (MCO)

A3, B3, D3, C3 & Bleached Teeth:
Low Chroma Opaquer (LCO)